President of Brazil Stop Investigating Biggest Corruption Case

President of Brazil Stop Investigating Biggest Corruption Case – One of the biggest corruption investigations in Brazilian history known as “Operation Car Wash” officially ended Monday (1/2) after seven years.

President of Brazil Stop Investigating Biggest Corruption Case


cheapestbuy11 – President Jair Bolsonaro expressed the termination of the investigation last October, who was deemed not siding with Brazil’s anti-corruption movement.

“Operation Car Wash I ended because there is no more corruption in the government,” said Bolsonaro as quoted by AFP.

Ironically, Bolsonaro initiated the termination of the investigation when a number of family members and people in his inner circle were caught in a corruption scandal.

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However, the money laundering scandal has spread to at least 11 Latin American countries.

Some of the officials who have been caught up in the corruption scandal and who have been jailed include former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva; former Peruvian President, Alejandro Toledo; former President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli; to executives from Petrobas, Odebrecht, and several other firms.

So far, 174 people in Brazil and at least 12 presidents and former presidents of several Latin American countries have been convicted of their involvement in money laundering.

During its seven years of operation, Operation Car Wash succeeded in returning US $ 790 million to the Brazilian state treasury.

Brazil’s Attorney General’s Office also announced that around US $ 2.8 billion in corrupted money was also in the process of being returned to the country.

Unfortunately, Operation Car Wash was caught in a scandal of its own.

In 2019, an investigative website published a hacked telephone conversation between the chief judge of the Car Wash Operations investigation, Sergio Moro, and former President Lula da Silva.

In the conversation it was revealed that Moro had conspired with the prosecutors to keep President Lula da Silva running in the 2018 general elections.

At that time, Lula da Silva was the most popular politician in Brazil.

However, in the end, Moro jailed Lula da Silva on charges of being involved in money laundering in Operation Car Wash.

Moro then controversially accepted the post of justice minister under Bolsonaro in 2019.

However, the relationship between the two deteriorated until finally in April 2020, Moro said he resigned from the Bolsonaro cabinet after accusing the president of interfering in a federal police investigation into a number of corruption cases.

The scandal tarnished the image of Moro and some of the prosecutors in Operation Car Wash, once widely respected as fearless heroes in Brazil.

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