Change of Privacy Rules, Erdogan Uninstall WhatApp

Change of Privacy Rules, Erdogan Uninstall WhatApp – The office of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s facility has proven that it has stopped using (uninstalled) the WhatsApp instant message application and switched to using a locally made messaging application.

Change of Privacy Rules, Erdogan Uninstall WhatApp

change-of-privacy-rules-erdogan-uninstall-whatapp – In his official statement on Sunday (10/1), the presidential official said that the facility office will provide additional updates via the BiP application, a unit of Turkish communications company Turkcell was felt Monday (11/1).

The next decision was made following a controversial policy change made by WhatsApp on the knowledge of its users.

The head of the Turkish Presidency’s Office of Digital Transformation, judibolalive99 Ali Taha Koc, criticized WhatsApp’s new policy which added an exception to the next new decision for UK and EU users.

“The differences between the EU and other states in terms of data privacy are unacceptable! As we have quoted in the Information and Communication Security Guidelines, foreign applications carry significant risks to data security,” wrote Koc in his tweet, Sunday (10/1) .

“That is why we have to maintain our digital knowledge with local and national software and develop it according to our needs. Don’t forget that Turkish knowledge will forever be in Turkey thanks to local and national solutions.”

Quoting Middle East Eye, Koc also hopes that WhatsApp users in Turkey will use local applications such as BiP and Dedi.

WhatsApp privacy changes make it possible for the service to share user knowledge with the parent company, Facebook and Instagram and Messenger which took effect on February 8. The user is forced to accept the new policy to permanently use WhatsApp after this temporary limit.

Subsequent efforts resulted in Facebook being able to monetize WhatsApp by allowing businesses to contact their clients via the platform and sell products to users directly.

The subsequent forced update provoked resistance by users of Twitter’s social facilities through a campaign to uninstall the WhatsApp service on Twitter using the hashtag #DeletingWhatsApp.

According to the Turkish facility, which quoted Turkcell, the campaign to remove WhatsApp was profitable for the BiP service, which pocketed more than 1.12 million new users in 24 hours, with more than 53 million users worldwide.

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